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My name is Eileen Connelly and I am passionate about Reiki and the benefits that clients experience from their sessions with me. My vision would be for everyone to experience Reiki at some point in their lifetime, even if only to say “it’s not for me thanks”. Until we try something we don’t know if we will like it, love it or loathe it.

My Story

I first came across Reiki around 2002 on a visit to Galway in Ireland where my parents are from. I was at my cousins house and she was talking about giving Reiki to the cows and how it was saving her on vets bills. What’s Reiki I asked – and she told me about this hands on healing treatment. I was very intrigued by this so looked it up when I got home and mentioned it to a colleague at work. Amazingly she had a friend who was a Reiki master and lived in Hong Kong but would be in London soon. My friend got in touch with her Reiki master friend and we organised a Reiki training session in my flat. I had the most amazing Reiki attunement and it will stay with me forever – I have never had such a feeling of intense emotion flood through my entire body. I have had other attunements since but nothing compares to that one. I do believe that is when my energy flow was awakened and hence the intense feeling.

I loved giving treatments to family and friends and of course to myself. I was a single mum at the time and working full time in a busy job so I didn’t extend Reiki treatments beyond close family and friends,  but I feel it has always been part of me and my purpose in life. My son is now grown with his own family and I have more recently got even more connected with Reiki again and other Reiki practitioners.

I also feel that since 2002 when I first heard of Reiki, many more people are aware of what it is even if they haven’t experienced it. There seems to be a shift towards people looking for a more natural way of healing, relaxation and just taking time out for themselves. As mentioned on the What is Reiki page, it is even now accepted in the NHS as a form of treatment – that’s just amazing and a great endorsement for Reiki.

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