Reiki Principles

Have you seen the Reiki Principles before? At first glance it may all seem a bit too unreal – that for today you will not be angry or worry and I know of people who have mentioned just that. Of course we all have feelings and there will be events in our life that will make us angry and worry. For me it is about how I deal with any anger or worry as to hang onto it just eats away, causes a heap of negative emotions and can often escalate those thoughts and feelings to an extent where it may get blown out of all proportion or reality. The mind is very powerful and we can create very negative thoughts may not be the full reality of a situation.

We can spend many hours in state of worry of anxiety, and in some instances the “thing” being worried about doesn’t even happen. Or if it does happen – maybe it was something expected like a break up of a relationship, a job loss etc – then hours of worry will not change this. Being angry or worried can cause our stress levels to rise – and that in itself can cause no end of health issues so its about managing and controlling those feelings which is not always easy and it may be that old/bad habits need to be broken around anger  and worry in order to create new/healthier habits. Training our mind to not rise so much to anger or worry is the same as training our muscles in the gym. Its hard to start with, but results will show over time and it becomes easier and it also becomes a way of life.

I will not be angry…..look, we all know things happen to make us angry but exploding all our emotions onto someone/something doesn’t serve anyone well, least of all ourselves. For some people anger seems to be a way of life for them and they often don’t seem to be very happy people. We can end up creating our own stress through habits – and they may be habits we don’t even realise we have as it has become the norm. If something has made you angry, can you take a few seconds to think about what it is, take a deep breath and let it go OR deal with it in a calmer manner. Road rage is an example – I see so many drivers getting really really angry over trivial stuff (some are not so trivial I know!). Is it worth it? Is it worth getting yourself (and passengers) stressed out? Can you let it go and move on – or do you want to ruin your day and maybe others by “being right”?

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