Here are just some of the comments from my clients, some of which have had distance only treatments (where they are at their home and I am in mine and we connect through Reiki to give a treatment). See the What is Reiki page for more information on Distance Reiki:

Eileen thank you for my lovely treatment. My first ever session and I drifted into another world with lots of nice dreams and it made me feel very relaxed. I am hoping to see positive affects on my shoulders with them feeling less tense. (Feedback later was she was less tense and shoulder aches had gone) VH 

Dear Eileen – what a fabulous Reiki session. I feel calm and relaxed, all the stress has ebbed away. It felt like the laying on of hands, powerful and healing and revitalising. I look forward to my next session. You are so gifted – I feel you have found your calling. So may people will benefit from your talent. Thank you so much. EF

Thank you Eileen. What a lovely experience having my first ever treatment. I could feel the benefits straight away. A deep relaxation came over me and it felt great. LAJ

What an amazing treatment! I came as had trouble with menopausal sweats – hourly ones that are very disruptive especially to my sleep. I also have problems with a painful foot (been ongoing for very long time time and causing pain when walking). Treatment felt great – so relaxing – but it was the benefits after that I was surprised at. I didn’t have a sweat for hours afterwards and only woke up with one sweat during the night! (they have returned but not as bad) It was great to have some respite from them though so will defiantly have more treatments to see if they will eventually go altogether. The pain in my foot went during the session and has not returned – amazing. CM

Distance Reiki comments

I don’t know how you do it but I feel asleep almost immediately once the session began and woke up with a start 15 minutes after the session finished. I feel asleep again immediately (around 10pm) and didn’t wake until 8am (usually wake few times in night with pain and need to take strong painkillers) !! I think its amazing as I feel invigorated although leg pain is still apparent DE

I have no idea who you do what you do Eileen but there is no doubt in my mind that it has an effect on my sleep pattern. I usually wake at least twice overnight to take very strong pain medication. Following distance treatment I slept from 10pm until 7am!! That totally amazes me. I thank you so so much as although the pain is still there, the fact I had 9 hours unbroken sleep is medicinal in itself. I feel clear headed and positive about my day ahead. Thank you so much. DE